Let's Get to Know Le Marche

A Marvelous Region of Italy

I was born in Corinaldo, a little village in the province of Ancona, located on the Adriatic coast in the region called "Marche." The Marche region lies beside Tuscany and Umbria, both of which are far more famous, thanks to movies and good marketing, but not more beautiful (some would even say that the Marche are indeed more beautiful). Because of their less touristic character, the Marche (referred to in the plural--hence "The Marches," in English) enjoy lower prices and smaller crowds; in sum, better vacations for visitors. My family has lived in the Marche since at least 1490. I now live in the United States, but I visit my region, where all my family still lives, at least once a year, usually in the summer.

Whenever I go back, I try to make the most of it, especially in terms of food. The Marche are home to some of the most delicious food and best wines of Italy. Food, some would say, is excellent everywhere in Italy. I agree. Wine, too, is almost everywhere good, but we produce some wines that are not famous, hardly known outside Italy and yet as good as some of the most famous Italian wines. My two favorite picks from the Marche are Verdicchio, a dry, robust white wine, and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, a fruity, full-bodied red. Both wines are produced in my area, also in my own town. There are hundreds of wineries all over Marche, wine being part of our culture. Wine of course goes well with good food, and we have plenty of that too. On the coast of Marche one can enjoy the best seafood on the planet. In the countryside we are famous for meats and cheeses. Everywhere vegetables and excellent olive oil make every meal unforgettable. See more

Guest piece written by Dr. Salvador Bartera.

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