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Cartoceto, Pesaro e Urbino, Italy

The farm Galiardi is located in a territory rich in history and traditions.
Some historians trace the origin of Cartoceto to the Carthaginians who survived the battle of Metauro (207 BC.).
They would have stayed on and formed the first families. Cartoceto would derive from such "Karchidon" or "Karthada" greek name of Carthage, or from the Latin "Carthaginensium coetus" group of Carthaginians, from which Carticetum.
The lands under the jurisdiction of Fano were an important source of olive oil Cartoceto stood out because it excelled with its productions. The oil produced has always represented one of the most valued assets and the Community was concerned, since the early days, to sell the oil in the square on market days.
Various documents attest the fame of Cartoceto's oil in Italy since 1500.