Grotte di Camerano

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Camerano, Ancona, Italy

In the town of Camrano you will find a labyrinth of caves under the historical centre of the town. For many years these caves were believed to be the ruins of ancient sandstones caves or even cellars used to store wine. More recent explorations and in-depth study led to the discovery however of architectural and bas-relief decorations which have very little to do with mere sandstone caves or storerooms: dome and vault shaped ceilings, circular chambers and columns with architectural details, decorations with friezes, ornaments and religious symbols were found throughout the caves.

Visitors to the caves discover an almost fairy-tale like world by which they remain astounded; a secret Camerano where legends and history abound. The most accredited theory today is that the caves were used as homes, for worship or for defence purposes even in recent times considering that in 1944 the caves where used as a bombing refuse.