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Urbino, Pesaro e Urbino, Italy

Urbino, the city of the Renaissance, which, with its ancient walls, is an inestimable treasure trove of art, culture and history, an absolute must is a visit to the Ducal Palace which holds the Marche National Gallery where masterpieces from various historical periods are preserved, with works by Raffaello, Piero della Francesca, Tiziano, Paolo Uccello, Luca Signorelli, etc. The Palace perfectly connects with the other buildings planned by Francesco di Giorgio Martini on the initiative of Federico da Montefeltro: the Church of S. Bernardino degli Zoccolanti (Mausoleum of the Dukes of Montefeltro) and the ConventofS. Chiara. Other important sights to see are: the imposing Cathedral, the Oratory of San Giovanni and Raphael's Birth-House. In the town, on the 3rd Sunday of August, there is an interesting historic commemoration of The Duke's Festival.