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Polverigi, Ancona, Italy

There is a village that is affectionately called the "Roccolo", the bird snare, by its people because of its round shape. It is enclosed within the walls of an ancient castle and within the heart of the town of Polverigi.
True treasures of art are preserved within the walls of this town. The Church of the SS Sacramento, the Blessed Sacrament Church, and its blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles safeguards masterpieces of great artistic values as well as entire pictorial cycles.
At the end of long tree-lined avenues, you reach the two monumental neoclassical style entrances that lead into the large complex that is Villa Nappi.
This large complex stands on a small hill near the old town, bordered to the south by a long wall, and consists of Villa Nappi, the church of the SS. Sacramento, and a vast park and Italian style garden. The villa built in the mid 19th century by the Nappi family in place of the demolished Santa Maria Maddalena monastery, is a classic example of a noble family's country residence.
Every summer, Villa Nappi and its wonderful setting provide the ideal location for the "In Teatro", In Theatre event with contemporary theatre programs of international importance.