Ostra Vetere

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Ostra Vetere, Ancona, Italy

The city of Ostra Vetere was built in the inland areas of the Marche region, more precisely, where the hills follow a harmonious succession of up and down curves.
The urban terrace setting of the town centre of Ostra Vetere offers evocative images and memories: stairways quickly climb upwards where characteristic scenic views can be enjoyed.
The city's skyline is formed by the church of Santa Maria di Piazza, which dominates the entire town with its tall spires. It is a construction that, though relatively recent, offers a spectacular and unique view thanks to its soaring bell tower and elegant neo-gothic dome.

An art collection that bears evidence of unforgotten splendours is preserved in the former convent of the Poor Clares: that of the ancient Benedictine abbey and of the church of S. Francesco which once stood in Piazza della Libertà, liberty square, but which were later demolished at the beginning of the tenth century.
Situated "outside the walls", not far from the town, the church of the Santissimo Crocifisso was built around a shrine with a 15th century fresco of the Crucifixion of Christ, a painting that is held to be miraculous.
The continued veneration of this image led to the enlargement of the shrine enlarged and a series of votive wall paintings being commissioned and realised between the end of the 1560s and the beginning of the next decade.
TRAJAN (Il "Traiano")
In 1841 in the amphitheatre, a Parian marble statue was found of a general or other important person of the Age of Trajan, identified by some as the emperor himself. The statue, now in the Museum of Art and History in Geneva, is 2 metres high and has been dated to the first half of the 1st century BC.