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Offagna, Ancona, Italy

This medieval town nestles amongst the soft hills, where nature displays shades that range from bright green to various gradations of yellow providing a refined array of colours.
Like in an ancient medieval castle, a wall that goes up a very steep hill until it reaches the centre surrounds the heart of the city: the Rocca, the rock
was built by the people of Ancona, between 1454-55, to defend their dominant position over the surrounding territories. The Rocca of Offagna represents a significant example of military architecture. Inside the Rocca, there is an exhibition of ancient weapons, but art exhibitions are also temporarily held here.
Walking through Offagna is like taking a journey through time: the narrow streets, the downtown homes and the crenulated towers still possess the enchanting and almost fable-like atmosphere of centuries ago.
These unique aspects are revived during the summertime celebrations that are held here; when the entire town interprets the old medieval ways through their famous historical re-enactments.
The halls of the museum "Museo Paolucci", host numerous pieces from the collections of the scholar Luigi Paolucci, a naturalist from Ancona (1849-1935).
Paolucci left us with many important collections (paleontological, mineralogical, zoological, and botanical) the fruits of an entire life devoted to research and study.
The rearrangement of the specimens enables us to fully see and gain an understanding of the diversity and specificity of Marche's natural habitats, through a rich mosaic of visual, educational, and scientific elements.
The collections include unique specimens of species that no longer exist, precious elements that help us to reconstruct and understand the evolution and alterations the territory has undergone.