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Jesi, Ancona, Italy

Jesi is 30 km far from Ancona and it’s called “the Royal Town” as the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia was born in the heart of this castle on 1194. The city is a cultural and architectonic witness of famous people with its historic palaces becoming galleries, its papal places, the cathedral and the ancient historic centre.
The main art gallerie in Palazzo Pianetti conserves some of the best paintings of Lorenzo Lotto, the most famous venetian renaissance painter that lived in Le Marche for many years. An important report of the eighteenth century is the birth of G.B. Pergolesi and G. Spontini, two great personalities in the field of European lyric music; in Jesi we find the sumptuous theatre called Pergolesi with its interesting theater season.
As well as being cultural and shopping centre, Jesi is also the heart of the Verdicchio production: the most famous and tasting white wine of Le Marche, the Verdicchio of Jesi’s Castles. The area around Jesi is full of excellent wineries, the hills are covered by organic and natural lush vineyards producing this dry and fresh kind of wine.