Camerata Picena

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Camerata Picena, Ancona, Italy

Camerata Picena faceva parte del sistema di fortificazioni difensive del contado di Ancona con altri borghi vicini, tra cui anche il vicino Castello del Cassero.
Camerata Picena was part of the Ancona County's defensive and fortifying system together with other neighbouring villages, including the nearby Castle of Cassero.
Camerata Picena's strategic location, on top of a hill near the Esino River, made it a natural fortress. In fact, it started as a small village before being transformed into a castle. The castle emerges from the centre of a circular wall system. It managed to maintain its original nucleic form even though it is structured like a classic hilltop village.
During the Roman period the town of Camerata was home to a military garrison deployed for the protection of the territory. The hilly areas of lower Vallesina were, in fact, inhabited during the period of Roman colonialism, and were part of the ager anconitanus (Ancona).

The castle took on the duty of defending the area, and situated as it was on the borders of Ancona and Jesi, it was involved in the frequent battles between the two towns, each of which wanted to expand their territories at the expense of the other.
In 1309 on the Camerata plain, the two armies met in battle, on one side the Guelphs for Ancona, and on the other the Ghibellines for Jesi; it was the bloodiest battle of its time in this area, so much blood was shed on the battlefield that legend has it that for a long time afterwards whatever grew there had a bitter taste.