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Ancona, Ancona, Italy

In Ancona, we can certainly recommend a scenic walk to Passetto, one of the most suggestive areas of the city offering a fully equipped park and a double stairway from which it is possible to reach the sea below. The flat and levelled seashore is abruptly interrupted to the south of Ancona by the green vegetation of Mount Conero (the first regional Park founded in the Marche in 1987) peremptorily merging within the deep blue of the Adriatic sea offering a view of rare and suggestive impact. It is a natural environment which extends for approximately 6,000 ha and includes art, culture, history and excursion routes entwined within the magic of the Mediterranean mark. This is the starting point of one of the most beautiful seashore area of the entire Adriatic coast: the Conero Riviera.

Ancona is located in a very special location. The tips of the Mount Conero hills embrace three of its sides, while the forth opens onto the sea and its natural harbour, which represents the heart of this city.

The story of Ancona starts with its harbour. Its position was strategic to trade between the East and West. In fact, that is precisely why it was called the Gateway to the East. It represents a blend of people and cultures, whose presence is still evident throughout the numerous works of art that make the streets of this city a real open air museum.

The Arch of Trajan is the gateway that leads to the most ancient part of Ancona. By going up towards Guasco hill, one can see the San Ciriaco Cathedral, a medieval church with no equals in Italy in terms of its style. In fact, it represents a blend of Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine art. It was built on top of the ancient Greek Acropolis, or, more precisely, on top of the remains of a temple dedicated to Aphrodite, the patron of sailors. From the top, she continues to watch over the sea while offering one of the most beautiful scenic views of Ancona.
The major town's museums are also worthy of being mentioned, and include the National Archeological Museum of Marche, which provides a succession of works that helped to piece together the entire regional history in a most absolute manner.

Ancona is a city able to offer something that goes beyond a simple visual experience. In fact, each location offers something deeper, bringing out an enchanting sensation of bewilderment in the eyes of its observers.
The Cittadella, citadel, sits on top of Astagno hill, which overlooks the entire city with its massive ramparts. From this location, it is possible to admire an amazing view of Ancona and its surroundings. Even Johann Caspar Goethe, the father of the German writer, said that when he looked from beyond the Cittadella, citadel, he saw one of the most beautiful views the world had to offer.

On the other hand, Passetto, a small step, is a large terrace overlooking the sea. It offers a picturesque view of the Conero Riviera. When going down its extensive stairway, it is possible to reach the town's beaches, which are made up of natural caves and coves.