Villa Imperiale

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Villa Imperiale, Strada di San Bartolo, 63, Pesaro, Pesaro e Urbino, Italy

It is the first and most important of the villas built in the fifteenth century in the "San Bartolo" hills dominating Pesaro. The Imperial Villa is actually composed of two parts. The Sforza family built the first part in the fifteenth century. It is square fortress defended by a tower, which contains a internal courtyard as in the great houses of the time. The "Della Rovere" family built the other part having as main purpose delighting the court of the Dukes and was therefore a residence in full relationship with the surrounding landscape. Getting in the elegant loggia inside the building, walking from the forest which occupies the upper part, to the garden in a large upper terrace, and from this accessing to a lemon garden, then a flower-filled courtyard.
Reservations required - 10 €
Bus service starting at 16, from Piazza della Libertà.